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How do you get to be one of the most trusted, iconic names in the world of dietary supplementation? By being involved in and controlling the product development process every step of the way, from initial concept to market.

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Step 1: Conceptualization—Understanding Your Health Needs & Concerns

More energy, more sleep, less stress, weight management support—people are always looking for that extra edge so they can look and feel their best. What’s more, people’s health needs are constantly changing and evolving over time. That’s where we come in: It’s our job to stay on the pulse, conceptualizing and designing products that our customers need…using safe and natural dietary means.

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Step 2: Formulation—Doing Our Homework & Scientific Research

Vitamins, minerals, botanical extracts: There’s a wealth of natural health support out there. That’s why when we set out to develop a supplement, we first comb through hundreds of potential ingredients from dozens of suppliers to find the ones perfectly suited for whatever need we’re addressing along with the optimal delivery method.

Dietary supplementation is where science meets art—mixing just the right ingredients in just the right amounts to produce just the right results.

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Step 3: Packaging & Label Design

In order to guarantee the potency we are claiming on our labels we have to make sure the products are being packaged correctly. Each product will have different requirements in terms of protection from harmful factors such as exposure to air, light and moisture. That means having to determine what packaging will best safeguard a product’s contents to ensure that potency and integrity are maintained.

Once the packaging has been determined, we then focus on designing a clear label that resonates, making sure to provide all the information you need in order to get the results you are looking for.

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Step 4: Manufacturing & Testing

Our long experience in dietary supplementation really comes into play here. Each NaturesPlus product is produced in our own facilities, which are fully compliant with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs). What’s more, each is tested in independent, third-party labs, which certify the product’s identity, purity and potency.